Jujube "three topping" technology

First-class product packaging needs to have what conditions jujube tree "three topping" that is, jujube head topping, the second branch (ie, the result of the base branch) topping and jujube hanging (ie, the resulting branch) topping.

1, jujube head topping (pick heart) can be divided into heavy heart and light heart. Jujube heavy topping in early May, when the new jujube head grows to 5-7 cm, no space for jujube heads that are not reserved for extension branches and culture results, leaving the base 1-3 cm topping, retaining exfoliation The second branch, it develops into a lignified jujube hanging. Because of the high rate of fruit set in the woody jujube hanging, the fruit size is large and the quality is excellent. It is the main site for the production of high-grade fruit in dense planting jujube gardens. Fresh jujube heads germinating after flowering should be removed from the base early. The jujube head light picking heart is the heart of the newborn jujube head for the extension branch of the main branch and the culture result branch. The head of the newly dated jujube, which is left as the main extension branch, is picked up when 3 to 5 secondary branches appear on it. Although this kind of topping method is slower in the expansion of tree crowns, its secondary branches have developed robustly and compactly, and the resulting ability is strong. It is an important technical means for young trees and jujube gardens to achieve long trees and results. For the newborn jujube head left as a result of the culture, depending on the size of the space, the heart is picked up when there are 1-3 secondary branches on it. In the case of the jujube head replanted for the extension branch and the culture branch, the heart was picked at the back of the second branch. The earlier the heart was picked, the better the development of the secondary branch. The better the effect, the second branch topping (pick the side). After the newly dated jujube head was left as the extension branch and the result branch, the second branch was rapidly growing and developing, and the second branch topping could make the jujube stock (ie, the resulting mother branch) and the jujube hanging healthy and strong. Good foundation. The second branch with strong growth potential picked up the heart when there were 5-7 jujube stocks; the second branch with weak growth vigor had picked up 2-4 jujube stocks on it, and the result was that the branch was close to the main branch.

3, jujube hanging picking heart Jujube hanging is the result of jujube tree branch, it is large, many growth points (each date hanging has a growth point), long growth period, its topping can reduce the growing point of the nutrients fight, so that The center of gravity of nutrition distribution is changed from growth to flower and fruit development. At the same time, due to the jujube lifting, the development of the leaf is promoted. The large and thick leaves increase the photosynthetic capacity and ensure nutrient supply for flower development. Jujube hanging heart should be all the dates hanging in the first half of the large leaf blade at the beginning of flowering. Usually the normal date hangs 10-12 leaves, lignified dates hanging 18-20 leaves topping.

By jujube tree "three topping", first of all, it can effectively reduce unnecessary nutritional growth of jujube trees, save nutrients, slow down the growth and the resulting contradictions in nutrient distribution, and promote reproductive growth. Secondly, it can effectively improve the lighting condition in the crown and increase the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves, which has the dual effect of opening up sources and throttling. Third, it can effectively control the expansion of the tree crown, which is conducive to exerting the advantages of densely planting jujube gardens. Fourth, it can effectively reduce the workload of jujube tree shears. Therefore, jujube "three topping" is one of the important technical measures to achieve high yield and high quality in densely planted jujube gardens.

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