High-priced chicken is inferior to ordinary chicken

The reporter sent samples of ordinary chicken and Tiangui chicken to the College of Animal Science of Zhejiang University for experimental testing. As a result, a number of nutrients showed that ordinary chickens were even more nutritionally valuable than high-priced chickens.

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Instructor: Dr. He Yingchun, Department of Internal Medicine, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Farmers broke the news: high-priced chickens have appeared hair removal

Recently, Miss Ho who lives in Hushu South Road wanted to buy a chicken for the family in the underground supermarket of Hangzhou Tower. He unexpectedly discovered a “Fengxiang Native Chicken” produced by Hangzhou Yuxiang Farm Co., Ltd. Chicken price is 360 yuan. It is understood that the market, an ordinary live chicken, the general price of 15 yuan / kg or so, free-range chickens, but also only 25 yuan per catty, 360 can be described as high-priced chickens. The price is not too expensive. What makes Miss He wonder is that the nutritional value of such chickens is higher than that of ordinary chickens. Reporters and big secret agents also found Miss He’s high-priced local chicken in the underground supermarket of Hangzhou Tower.

The online search for this farm is located in the Tongshan Village of Hangzhou. Last week, the reporter and the big secret agent made field visits. The result was unexpectedly discovered that the local villagers did not know this large-scale farm. Even the township government of Lushan Township had no knowledge of the specific conditions of the farm. The entire Shanshan Township has a relatively stable price control for the local chickens, and the highest price of the local chickens is only 60 yuan a pound. The farmers have never heard of local high-priced local chickens.

Immediately the reporter dialed the person in charge of the company’s first name Fu. "We can't tell you the address, because our chickens are stocked, and because the chickens here are all Chinese medicine. If there are more people coming in and out, the chickens are susceptible to bacteria, so the bases have very little access to the staff." The person in charge has been avoiding and always refused to disclose the address.

The local professional chicken farmers have also made a surprising inside story to reporters: “The chickens that stocked these chickens, even if they eat Chinese herbs, how many ingredients were absorbed in chicken meat, these Chinese herbs are not beneficial to the human body, and there is no authoritative argument. "The chickens in the farmer's village in the township have been forced to feed the Chinese medicine, and there have been episodes of hair loss and they have not been cured. When asked about the farmhouse in the township, the farmer also said he did not know, but only heard of it.

Zhejiang University: Nutritional value is inferior to ordinary chicken

On the company’s website, there is such a paragraph: “The protein, Amino Acids and various trace elements contained in the ecological chicken and chicken in the rural area are much higher than ordinary chicken, and the fat content is only half that of ordinary chicken.” This is exactly the same as what the sales staff said. Is the price of high-priced chicken really so much higher than the average chicken?

To this end, reporters and secret agents Dafu prepared the ecological chickens and common chickens on the market and sent them to the Feed Science Institute of Zhejiang University’s College of Animal Sciences for comparison testing experiments on the nutritional value of the two chickens. The experimental researcher will test the three types of chicken meat, including the crude protein content of chicken meat, the crude fat content of chicken meat, and the amino acid content of chicken meat.

First, the experimenter removed chicken meat of two kinds of chickens, and air-ground it into powder; the experimenter took the same amount of chicken meal and compared the two chicken meal weights; then it was treated with 0.5 g of catalyst (copper sulfate and potassium sulfate). The ratio synthesis, there will be a carbonization reaction; followed by two samples of heat treatment.

After two days of experimental testing, the reporter finally found that the crude protein content of high-priced chickens was 77.83%, while that of ordinary chickens was 74.68%; crude fat content was 4.56% for high-priced chickens, and 4.61% for ordinary chickens. The data for amino acids is even more striking. The value displayed for high-priced chickens is 73.93, the average chicken is 74.53, or the average chicken is high.

The test results showed that crude protein and crude fat were similar to each other, but the amino acid content of the high-priced chicken was not even as high as ordinary chicken. It seems that expensive local chickens are only expensive. The Chinese medicine department of Hangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital believes that some merchants claim that the nourishing effect of Chinese chicken is good, but it is necessary to specifically determine which Chinese medicines are fed and what are the active ingredients of these Chinese herbs. However, after the chickens are fed with these Chinese herbs, whether it can Accumulation of these effective ingredients and how much can be absorbed by our body is also a problem.

"If you really eat this kind of so-called ecological chicken, I think it's not as good as directly eating these tonic Chinese medicines," said He Yingchun.

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