Five kinds of magical foods for men to eat

1, beef liver

You should know that bovine liver is one of the most nutritious foods. It contains creatine that promotes muscle growth; carnitine promotes androgen secretion and fat metabolism; B vitamins participate in energy metabolism; and iron enhances myoglobin production. Bovine liver contains less fat and calories than beef and has no carbohydrates.

2, white bread

The argument about white bread is very contradictory. On the one hand, digestion and absorption are fast, which increases the body's ability to store fat. But on the other hand, for fitness enthusiasts who are pursuing muscle mass, rapid consumption and absorption are beneficial. Ingestion of fast-acting carbohydrates before and after training prevents muscles from being broken down, especially when it is ingested with protein. Eating a few slices of white bread with fat-free cheese can create an environment conducive to muscle growth.

Suggestions: Eat two slices of breaded cheese 30 minutes before fitness training, eat 3 to 4 pieces of bread jams after training, plus a whey protein shake.

3, black beans

Black beans are foods that can make you more energetic. Compared with other beans, black beans contain more cellulose, it can effectively fill your stomach and produce a sense of satiety, avoiding excessive carbohydrate intake. At the same time, black beans contain a very complex structure of carbohydrates, which will allow you to maintain a full day of energy when converted into energy in the body.

Suggestion: Drink black bean porridge twice a week for breakfast.

4, papaya

You know that papaya can hold a woman upright, not knowing that it is also a good body-building fruit. Its rich potassium can increase the muscle's ability to contract. Papain enzymes promote protein digestion and improve protein absorption, retention and muscle growth. Therefore, papaya should have a place in the high protein diet.

Recommendation: Eat a small cup of papaya meat at the same time each time you eat protein to achieve better muscle gain.

5, onions

Raw onion can take care of your muscles. It can fight harmful free radicals due to high intensity training. Too much free radicals can cause muscle inflammation and the loss of nutrients in the muscles. When onions are taken together with other nutrients that promote muscle growth, the nutrient uptake of muscles is increased.

Suggestion: After strength training, use raw onion clips for chicken sandwiches.

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